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Hello everyone,

My name is Melanie Sze. I am currently attending New York City College of Technology. My major in this college is Graphic Arts Advertising. When I first started to reflect on the colleges I would attend, NYCCT was not one of the colleges I had in mind. The major that I originally planned to do was Early Childhood Education. However, I also wanted to have a career in technology. This decision was one of the most difficult decisions I ever had to make. When the colleges that I applied to did not accept me, I was devastated because I really aspired to be an early childhood educator. However, I got great news from NYCCT. They accepted me and I got into the major that I applied for. I was truly excited because I also wanted to work with technology and always found the advertising field interesting.
I love to sing and listen to music on my spare time. I’m really not an adventurous person and some may even find me boring. However, I love to sing my heart out while listening to my favorite songs. Some people may find me very nurturing and loving although I think the one quality that pops out is that I am very punctual. I cannot be late for anything! :D Thank you for your time!
Melanie Sze

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GRA1111 Graphic Comm Workshop, FA2014

GRA1111 Graphic Comm Workshop, FA2014

This course introduces students to core concepts in the graphic communications field including color theory, design and production terminology, reproduction processes, file formats and substrates. During the semester, students will complete three pages of their own ePortfolio web site. Lectures will provide students with a historical perspective of the graphic communications field as well as discussing current practices and future trends.

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