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Culinary Nutrition, Sustainability, Environment, Grazing

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Course Description Building upon the foundation of previous culinary courses, students will gain a general understanding of international cuisines by exploring traditional and indigenous ingredients, flavor components and cooking techniques. Application of classical and contemporary cooking techniques, creative menu planning, plate design, cultural research, proper sanitation techniques and nutritional analysis of menus.

English 2001 / 1240 (Introduction to Literature:  Fiction)

English 2001 / 1240 (Introduction to Literature: Fiction)

English 2001 / 1240, with Professor Rebecca Devers

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Spoons Across America Club

Spoons Across America Club

Spoons Across America Club is dedicated to helping spread culinary knowledge. Spreading that knowledge to our friends, families, students and children. We want to continue Spoons Across Americas mission of influencing healthy eating habits for children. Celebrating the connection to local farmers and the important tradition of sharing meals around the family table. Helping spread that mission we focus on fundraising and providing Volunteers for the Non-Profit organization to support our mission.