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MEDU1010 Foundations of Math Ed, FA2015

MEDU1010 Foundations of Math Ed, FA2015

This course examines the historical, philosophical, and sociological foundations underlying the development of American educational institutions. The role of the schools, the aims of education, diverse learners, the mathematics curriculum in New York State, legal principles that affect education, and the role of state, local, and federal agencies will be emphasized.

COMD1100 Spring 2016

COMD1100 Spring 2016

This basic design and color theory course explores graphic communication through the understanding of the elements and principles of design, as well as the design process, including idea development through final execution. Students develop basic skills in two-dimensional design, color and content creation while employing the design process of research, sketching and experimentation. Communication designers use the concepts explored in this course in disciplines such as advertising, graphic design, web design, illustration, broadcast design, photography, and game design. Image: Book Cover designed by Helen Yentus, The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus http://bookcoverarchive.com/book/the_myth_of_sisyphus

ENG 2400 Films from Literature FALL 2016

ENG 2400 Films from Literature FALL 2016

http://websupport1.citytech.cuny.edu/Faculty/fmasiello/index.htm D550 Fridays 11:30 – 2:00 This course will allow students to examine the relationship between film and their literary sources. Through classroom discussions and out-of-class assignments, students will analyze classic and contemporary literary texts and their cinematic versions. Students will examine the relationship between film and literature, with specific focus on the techniques used in fiction, drama and film and the influences of censorship and society. Students will focus on the similarities and differences of literary works adapted into films.

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