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Fashion and Teaching


I’m currently study Fashion Marketing and Business at City Tech; aiming towards my AA Degree. After I’ve completed my education time at City Tech I’m planning on going to Queens College to major in the field of Childhood Education. My ultimate goal is to have various degrees in different fields. Such as Fashion Marketing, Fashion Design, Teaching, Interior Design, and Business. I just want to get as much out of life as possible ^_^!

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Prof. Smith’s M1175 Fundamentals of Mathematics, in Fall 2014

Prof. Smith’s M1175 Fundamentals of Mathematics, in Fall 2014

Learn how to solve problems, think logically and use creativity to solve mathematical puzzles. To do well in this course: practice, practice and practice some more!

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Seekers Christian Fellowship

Seekers Christian Fellowship

We are a non-denominational Christian fellowship of campus students,faculty and/or staff. Our aim is to help fellow students meet their spiritual needs in Christ through prayer, worship and bible studies. Encouraging each one to seek their own personal relationship with God, guiding and teaching also on the importance of the Bible through faith and fellowship.Open to anyone who has questions and/or wants to know more about God. For Freely we have received grace, and freely we wish to give it as well.