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Mat 1275_OL 40

Lucie Mingla
Mat 1275|Fall 2021

An intermediate and advanced algebra course. Topics include quadratic equations, systems of linear equations, exponential and logarithmic functions; topics from trigonometry, including identities, equations and […]

ENG1121 Composition II (D397), Spring 2022

ENG1121 Composition II (D397), Spring 2022

Professor Choi
1121|Spring 2022

ENG 1121 aims at further developing your reading, writing, and analytical skills while fostering awareness of your own literacy practices. Our focus will be to learn how to successfully asses and adapt to […]

CMCE 1211-Construction Drawing II, Spring 2022

Prof. Loo
CMCE 1211|Spring 2022

This course provides the students with a basic working knowledge of Computer Aided Drafting. Through the use of residential drawings, students build on their basic knowledge of both civil engineering and […]

CMCE 1110 Construction Drawings Fall 2021

Nicole Anderson
CMCE 1110|Fall 2021

Construction Drawings as pertaining to engineering, construction management and architecture.