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HMGT 1102-Introduction to Food Service Management F19

HMGT 1102-Introduction to Food Service Management F19

Michael Krondl
1102|Fall 2019

A two-part foundation for food and beverage management, focusing on culinary math and procurement methods. The culinary math component focuses on accurate measurement, portion controls, recipe conversions, […]

HMGT1101LC40 PerspectivesFA19

HMGT1101LC40 PerspectivesFA19

Lina Romasanta
HMGT1101/1102|Fall 2019

SUSTAINABILITY IN HOSPITALITY – This learning community will introduce the 21st Century relevance of sustainability in the hospitality industry and incorporating the concept connecting the various foundations […]

ENG1101 LC46, Fall 2019

Sarah Paruolo
ENG1101|Fall 2019

This is an introductory college-level course in communication skills that further develops your reading, analyzing, researching, and writing skills through readings and assignments. What you do in this class is […]