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Intermediate Computation and Fabrication

Charlie Able
Architectural T...|ARCH 3690 |Spring 2013

This course, the second in the digital fabrication certificate sequence (following ARCH3590), focuses on the development of parametric tools and digital prototyping techniques. Beginning from the study of […]

ARCH 3610 Advanced Design

ARCH 3610 Advanced Design

Architectural T...|ARCH 3610|Spring 2013

An Advanced Design studio with an emphasis on a more complex building organization. The primary emphasis is in the further development and exploration of design principles involved in creating appropriate […]

ARCH3510–Architectural Design V

Andrea J Johnson
Architectural T...|3510|Spring 2013

In response to the havoc of the recent storm and its long-term impact on our communities, this semester’s design projects will focus on disaster response issues, specifically at the location of the Zone-A […]