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Entertainment Technology
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Entertainment/ Lighting Technology

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ENT4900/4901 Internship, SP2016

ENT4900/4901 Internship, SP2016

For ENT Majors: work experience at a professional scenery fabrication shop, rental/supply house, off- Broadway theater, or any related industry organization approved by the adviser. For Emerging Media Tech Majors, work experience at a design firm, media electronics firm, media software firm, robotics firm, entertainment or media production firm, or any related industry organization approved by the adviser. This will serve to bridge the student’s academic and commercial careers by giving the him/her professional work experience and industry contacts before the end of the senior year. Each student will keep a log/journal to be shared in group seminars. Supervision will be by faculty and a manager at the internship site. Prerequisite: ENT 4410 or ENT 4450 or ENT 4470 or ENT 4480 or Pre- or corequisite: MTEC 3800

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Culmination Project

Culmination Project

Project site for all Entertainment Technology and Emerging Media Technology majors.

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