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Heart Healthy Foods


We are looking at alternative foods that are healthy for the heart. These foods are still great to eat and helps the heart pump blood efficiently.

How to open a bank account?


Our group decided to explore the topic on how to open a bank account. We each brainstormed random ideas on the topic, and we came to the conclusion that creating a bank account would be an ideal topic. We found a […]

Online Documentation Project: Water Taxis of New York City

Paul Sinanan

Welcome to our project website. This is where you will find out all you need to know about the Water Taxis of New York City. Here you will find details on how to ride the taxi and all other information pertaining […]

The Interview Process

Naveeda Akhtar

How to prepare for an interview, how to act and look during an interview, and the steps to take after an interview.

Process Documention

Process Documention

LIB 1201

How to travel to Hong Kong

The group project is done for LIB -1201 research class, and intended to inform people how to travel to Hong Kong by air. Our group will describe the ways for the traveler to do that not only efficiently, but […]

Shop Easy and Eat Healthy

Shop Easy and Eat Healthy

The ability to consume healthy products while maintaining a budget is easier than you think. Many individual find it difficult to locate cheap items to prepare a nutritious meal on a daily basis. Surprisingly […]

Online Documentation Project: Teaching Citation Structure

Online Documentation Project: Teaching Citation Structure

Detailing a game that will teach students how to cite in MLA format. The game will have a social component that will serve as a classroom activity and an offline component for students to practice outside of the classroom.