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Khalifa Francois is 22 years old who attends City Tech. She is achieving her degree in Fashion and Business Technology BS. Fashion has been her passion for several years, however after interning for a fashion company called Imperial Fashionista her love for fashion grew. She enjoys taking courses such as, Merchandising, Trend Forecasting and Marketing. Throughout her four years in City Tech she has mastered many different skills and taking all the knowledge from her background in Business; particularly in sales in marketing and started her own business. By thriving and implementing all that she was taught, she became a licensed Esthetician. Currently Khalifa is focusing on growing her career in creative directing within a luxury brand and building her brand as a Esthetician. In the next 5 years she see’s herself becoming a owner of her own beauty bar. Overall, she will continue to fulfill all her aspirations.

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LAW4900 Senior Legal Seminar, FA2014

LAW4900 Senior Legal Seminar, FA2014

The course is available to students in the last semester of their baccalaureate coursework. It requires students to utilize all of the substantive legal knowledge and practical legal research skills they have acquired to produce a significant, scholarly paper on a legal topic. Students will receive an intense review of legal research techniques and legal ethics which are helpful to them before entry into the legal job market. In addition, lectures, discussions and guest speakers will concentrate on a different substantive area of law each semester.

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A book about My Life, my Journey, and Successes.

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