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Ardavan Arfaei, Lia
ARCH 3512|Fall 2021

Adaptive Reuse Studio

LNG 1100 OL 97

LNG 1100 OL 97

Dr. Lubie G. Alatriste
LNG 1100|Fall 2020

In this course, students will engage some of the key elements of the interface of language, culture and society. We will examine how dialects affect social standing, why some languages are preferred over others, […]

ARCH1231BTech1, SP2020, Zagaroli

Robert Zagaroli 3rd
ARCH 1231|Spring 2020

An introduction to basic materials of construction and the fundamental principals of hand drafting and system analysis. The coursework includes surveying existing conditions, development of plans, elevations, and […]

ENG1101 Introduction to College Writing Fall 2019

ENG1101 Introduction to College Writing Fall 2019

Megan Behrent
ENG 1101|Fall 2019

English Composition I is a course designed to introduce you to college writing through an exploration of New York City and the rich and varied stories and perspectives of the people who have made it their home. […]