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MTECH1005 Tangible Media FA2015

MTECH1005 Tangible Media FA2015

Entertainment T...|MTEC1005|Fall 2015

The goal of this course is to let students experiment and create electronic circuits and 3D prints. The class is divided into two main topics: Electronics and 3D Printing. Each topic while have several modules. […]

Interactive Sound for Games and Simulations

Interactive Sound for Games and Simulations

Damon Loren Baker
Entertainment T...|MTEC3240

An introduction to interactive sound for games and simulation-based media. The technical skills and foundations covered apply to game audio, interactive music performance, and interactive media scores. Students […]

Topics and Perspectives in Emerging Media

Professor Adrianne Wortzel
Entertainment T...|ENT3140|Spring 2013

This course provides an introduction to the study and analysis of emerging technologies and how this influences practical process. Students will examine how technologies have evolved historically as well as […]