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MAT 1475 Calculus 1, Spring 2020, Ghezzi

Laura Ghezzi
MAT1475|Spring 2020

Topics include functions, limits, differentiation, and tangent lines, L’Hôpital’s Rule, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and Applications. Avatar designed at logomakr.com.

ENG 2150 Intro to Women Writers Spring 2019

ENG 2150 Intro to Women Writers Spring 2019

Megan Behrent
ENG 2150|Spring 2019

This course will introduce you to writings by selected women writers, both major authors and less well-known women writer. We will explore a variety of genres: fiction, poetry, drama, memoir, and non-fiction. […]

MAT1375, Spring 2019

Corina Calinescu

Topics include an in-depth study of functions such as polynomial functions, inverse functions, radical functions, rational functions, trigonometric functions, exponential and logarithmic functions; solving […]