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Hi my name is Jimmel Worrell, I am 18 years old. Born and raised in Manhattan but was always back and forth from Manhattan to Brooklyn to Staten Island then back to Brooklyn. I like almost all sports. In highschool I was on my schools basketball team and football team. I love all types of video games from platform games to free roaming games. My friends call me Jimmy because I do dumb things sometimes but when it comes down to it I can come in the clutch.

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425 Amber street

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Ways of Seeing – FYLC Fall 2015

Ways of Seeing – FYLC Fall 2015

Ways of Seeing: Adventures with Image & Text This Learning Community for COMD students taking COMD1100 & ENG1101 will include field trips, hands-on projects, and cross-sensory experiences to help you discover and express your creative vision. Faculty: Jody Rosen (ENG1101) & Jenna Spevack (COMD1100) Image Credit: We are floating in Space…. by *Psycho Delia*

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Anime Gaming Underground

Anime Gaming Underground

Anime & Gaming Underground is a social club where people who are interested in animation, Japanese anime, animation/anime card games (such as: Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh), roll playing games, and video/computer games can hang out and have fun.