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COMD2327 Typographic Design II, SP2016

Christine Lhowe
Communication D...|COMD 2327|Spring 2016

This course introduces a variety of basic layouts and formats, building technical and practical fluency in setting and working with type for both print and screen. This course further explores topics learned in […]



Jennifer Sears
Humanities|ENG 3771|Spring 2014

This blog is designed for students in Advanced Career Writing taught by Jennifer Sears. The aim of this blog is to present issues specific to writing techniques specific to online writing, such as tone and […]

English 2000 Perspectives in Literature

Laura Westengard
English|2000|Spring 2013

This course will focus on literature written by or featuring perspectives from outside of dominant culture. Focusing specifically on the 20th century American novel but also including texts from various genres, […]

COMD4900 298 [33339] SP2017

COMD4900 298 [33339] SP2017

Communication D...|COMD 4900 |Spring 2017

Internship in Communication Design Assignment to field work/study situations of approximately eight to ten plus hours per week at a graphic arts-related internship site approved by the department internship […]

LIB 1201 – Research and Documentation for the Information Age – Section D952 – Fall 2014

LIB 1201 – Research and Documentation for the Information Age – Section D952 – Fall 2014

Ian Beilin
Library|LIB 1201 |Fall 2014

This course explores research and documentation for all media formats including text, images, sound, and multimedia. Students will explore information issues, especially in terms of their relevance today: how […]