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astronomy research project

Throughout history, many people believe that extraterrestrials more technologically advanced than us have helped and taught civilizations important skills needed for the evolution of the human race. There are no facts surrounding these claims no more than practically any subject in astronomy, but the fact is, the way humans excel in learning and the evolution of modern human civilization still remains a question to many scholars today. More and more evidence shows that ancient civilizations had an amazing understanding of math, science and astronomy that in some cases baffles today’s scholars. The question to most ancient alien theorists is weren’t these ancient civilizations considered to be out of the stone age? These ancient civilizations built huge structures that have stood the test of time that even with today’s technology and machinery would be nearly impossible to rebuild. How did they do this? Why did they feel it was imperative for civilizations in the near and far future to see their work? What if these structures were built with the help of aliens from a much more technologically advanced and older culture than humans? Although the mere thought that we are not alone in this universe seems unimaginable that is because our whole natural life we are brainwashed into thinking we are the only intelligible form of life. On the other hand doesn’t it seem kind of naive to believe that us humans are the only and most advanced form of life in this universe, as we know we have only explored less than 10% of the oceans and that’s on our planet earth, let alone exploring space. Numerous cultures from different times have made giant structures that have puzzled many architects and engineers. A giant structure in question is the great pyramid of giza, which still to this day remain one the wonders of the world, the giza pyramid is lined up precisely with the magnetic North Pole, how in the world could the Egyptians possibly have built their pyramid facing the exact magnetic North Pole, the invention of a compass was discovered years after. Another question of the many still not answered is the coincidence that the other pyramids built in sync with the giza pyramid exactly align with the position of the stars in orions belt, which is led to believe did the Egyptians really have a vast knowledge of astronomy? enough to construct massive structures with the exact position of stars. Another mystery of the pyramids is during the evening in the summer solstice the sun sets directly in the center of both pyramids, in order for the Egyptians to have done this they would have to have known the day of the summer solstice as well as the length of the year which is a fact that wasn’t known until way after the ancient Egyptians were gone. The facts that civilizations of different times and locations on earth all seem to have built almost identical structures being aligned with various stars and planets, one cant help but to think were these ancient people given knowledge from unknown beings, foreign to us in modern day. Both the Egyptians and the mayans constructed pyramids, keep in mind both civilizations were from different time periods and opposite ends of the globe, how and why did two very different civilizations build almost identical structures. The pyramids in Egypt were supposedly built for a place to safeguard the remains of dead pharaohs, but what if the pyramids were built to honor the gods they believed in so dearly, almost all ancient civilizations including the Egyptians worshipped “gods” and believed they played a major role in daily life and also helped with their creation. These “gods” in most cases were from the stars or sky. These “gods” would guide them, teach them and governed over them with supernatural powers as described in the many hieroglyphics found in the pyramids. A lot of people today regard these beliefs, held by these ancient civilizations, as just simply legends or myths. But what if these so called “gods” were in fact extraterrestrials or aliens from elsewhere in the universe? What if the aliens were from a much more technologically advanced and older culture than humans? More than a few of the hieroglyphics found in the pyramids were depictions of flying aircrafts and mystical beings, where did these people even get an idea of a flying object my guess is the same as many other ancient astronaut society members, they in fact did see flying objects but those flying objects were not flown by man they were flown by extraterrestrials visiting them and that the extraterrestrials once left so they started making symbols in memory of them and to perhaps signal them to return one day. Another ancient structure lays is in the mountains of boliva, it is called pumapunku. Pumapunku is a field of stone ruins scattered with giant, precisely carved blocks that is believed to be just remains of a much larger structure, it is believed to be more than 1000 years old. The mystery here is the stones at pumapunku are solid granite and diorite, which are some of the hardest stones known to man, the only stone harder is diamond, which means they would have had to been carved with diamond tools and with the precision that is considered impossible for the time period. Some blocks at puma punku have perfect circles carved in them, which experts say it was impossible to carve a angle like that without the use of power tools, 1000 years ago electricity wasn’t even a thought let alone power tools, other stones also brought the question about using some sort of machinery, there are stones that the surface is as smooth as a table top. Some experts suggest that even with today’s power tools and technology it would be nearly impossible to replicate the findings at puma punku, the biggest question is how did they move these massive stones which varied in weight from 150 to 400 tons not to mention these stones came from the western shore of titicaka some 10 miles away and the site is in higher land meaning these stones had to be transported up hills, it is hard to believe humans moved these massive stones all by themselves especially when experts believe the people of that time and area had no knowledge of the wheel, even if the people had some knowledge of the wheel invention I doubt that would have been able to help done much. The stones at pumapunku are not just a bunch of stones just layed out with no meaning, there are stones that were made to interlock one another precisely in a way that not even a blade would be able to fit in between. On specific stones at pumapunku there seems to be strange faces carved in them, that wouldn’t normally be associated with the faces of humans, these faces in my opinion and the opinions of many others seems to look a bit weird, could these faces in fact be the faces of ancient extraterrestrials, who helped construct pumapunku explaining the magnitude and precision used at this site. There is also a question of the Nazca lines which was found in a dessert plateau in southern peru, that can only truly be viewed correctly by aircraft. The Nazca lines appear like a landing strip from the air with various depictions of different animals such as monkeys, fish, birds, other shapes include flowers and trees As you can see without argument the Nazca lines are far from natural, these lines were manmade by an unknown ancient civilization for unclear reasons. Again markings on earth that gives evidence that ancient civilizations came across unidentified flying objects, the Nazca lines along with the drawings of massive pictures of animals, fruits and plants clearly show that the people made signals to show whatever was flying overhead what resources we have here on earth and even went as far as to build a landing strip in the hopes the extraterrestrials would one day land. Although theres no evidence showing the aliens did in fact land, to many people there is proof that people did see flying objects, and that is good enough because the invention of the airplane was many years after. There are many questions behind the visitations of extraterrestrials, and although there isn’t any concrete evidence proving that aliens did indeed come in contact with ancient and modern man, the fact still remains us humans had to have had some outside help with advancing to the modern civilization we are today. Over the course of about fifty years us modern humans have surpassed all of mankind technologically in thousands of years, we have technologies never before seen, we also have advanced weaponry such as nuclear bombs and drone remote control planes its quite hard to believe we invented all these things by ourselves in a fifty year span, in my opinion we have been helped by aliens not only in ancient times but as well today. as well as the history channels television program

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