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This course introduces the foundations of data communications with applications in engineering technology. It provides a basic understanding of data communication systems and practical examples of communications networks. Topics include core network concepts, standards, physical layer propagation, a small Ethernet PC network, other LAN technologies, Wide Area Networks (WANs), TCP/IP internetworking, security, network management and systems administration, and network applications for computer-based control of devices. In particular, this semester will focus on the content required to obtain the CompTIA’s Network+ and TestOut’s Network Pro certifications.

2017 Spring – MAT 2680 Differential Equations – Reitz

2017 Spring – MAT 2680 Differential Equations – Reitz

A differential equation is an equation that relates a function to one or more of its derivatives. – The above rather boring description does little to convey just how fundamental, widespread, and amazingly effective differential equations are in describing the world around us. – Examples: Anything in motion. Also, many things that are not in motion. Also, many additional things to which the word “motion” does not really apply. – Further examples: spaceships in orbit, populations growing and shrinking, a cup of coffee slowly cooling, springs bouncing, financial markets rising and falling, electrical current flowing through a circuit, ocean waves, sound waves, light waves, vibrations in musical instruments and airplane wings and suspension bridges, – More examples: Pretty much everything. Topics include methods of solving ordinary differential equations and applications to various problems. Course Avatar and Site Header from a photo by Flickr user darkdenver (Steven Bratman):

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