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Biology – Chemistry – Psychology


I am a junior at the New York City College of Technology, and my major is Chemical Technology. I plan on transferring to Brooklyn college and pursue a Bachelors degree in Biology. However, I will first include a few more courses to my schedule at Brooklyn College, which will allow me to graduate from Citytech with an Associate degree in Chemical technology as well as Liberal Arts and Sciences. The main reason for my interest in the Biological field, is the potential benefits that can be discovered and applied to living beings such as myself. I am a member in the Bridges Program at Citytech in which I am currently acquiring a basic knowledge of Psychology by conducting research with my mentor Dr. Jean Hillstrom. Even though my main academic interest is in Biology, I deemed it useful to at least have a basic understanding of Psychology, which explains my involvement in the Psychology department. My research is about The Effects of Expressive Writing on Cardiac Impedance Over Time. Furthermore, I plan on getting a Master’s degree in Biology, which will prepare and allow me to achieve my long term goal of being a Cardiologist while conducting research on organic and inorganic matter.

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Strengthening Research Interactions through Digital Expression (STRIDE)

Strengthening Research Interactions through Digital Expression (STRIDE)

STRIDE is a digital infrastructure using the OpenLab platform that converges a variety of science resources and applications bearing a capacity for enriched engagement in research, and community building. More that a mere website for the NIH Bridges to the Baccalaureate at City Tech, it will contains the following components: • A resource center of digital presentations of faculty mentors research interests/profiles. • A multimedia library of faculty/student research project presentations. • An online journal of students’ scholarly works in research including the sharing of conference abstracts and papers. • Digital platform for an interactive research community that includes online social media.

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