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Physics 1.3

Physics|PHYS 1441|Fall 2012

Physics, as one of the natural sciences, aims to discover the fundamental laws of the universe. Using theoretical and experimental methods, physicists study the basic structure of matter, space, and time. […]

Statistics with Probability

Ezra Halleck
Mathematics|MAT 1372|Spring 2012

A 3 credit but 4 hour introductory course. Topics include sample space, expectation and variance, binomial, Poisson, normal, student and chi-square distributions, confidence interval, hypothesis testing, […]

Reading and Writing about New York City

Reading and Writing about New York City

English|ENG1101|Fall 2012

This is a course that will offer ample opportunities to read full essays or excerpts of essays, as well as stories, poems, and articles about New York City. You will be responding to the readings by writing essays […]