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CST4713 Dynamic Web Development

CST4713 Dynamic Web Development

Introduces building web pages dynamically, organizing projects into web applications, and deploying these applications using a web server. Hands-on laboratory exercises reinforce the material presented in the lectures and enable students to develop related programming skills.

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Honors Scholars Program

Honors Scholars Program

The Honors Scholars Program at New York City College of Technology is dedicated to providing academically gifted students with the opportunity to develop their intellectual potential. Honors Scholars will participate in a collaborative community designed to motivate and challenge talented students and to foster a life-long dedication to learning. Honors Scholars will have the privilege to take part in special activities such as seminars, workshops, field trips, social events, research opportunities and enriched coursework for honors credit. The requirements for joining the Honors Scholars Program are a minimum GPA of 3.4 and completion of 16 or more credits.

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