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MAT1190 Quantitative Reasoning Fall 2021

Victor Lee
MAT1190|Spring 2021

Students develop and apply mathematical, logical, critical thinking, and statistical skills to solve problems in real-world contexts. They acquire skills in the fields of algebra, geometry, probability, […]

History 1102 Boyle

S. Boyle
History 1102

A chronological and thematic introduction to the history of European interaction with the wider world from the 1400s to the end of the 1800s. The course focuses on the central themes of global interconnectivity […]

COMD1123 Foundation Drawing, FA2020 Afternoon

COMD1123 Foundation Drawing, FA2020 Afternoon

Alice Zinnes
COMD1123|Fall 2020

An introductory course designed to explore the basic tools, techniques and principles of drawing. The course also covers projection systems, plans, elevations, sections, oblique, isometric, one point perspective […]