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Satellite Transmission

Electrical and...|TCET 3222|Fall 2018

The basic concepts and techniques used in satellite communications are introduced. The three major segments of a satellite system: the space segment, the earth segment and the link between these segments are […]

ENG3771 Advanced Career Writing, SP2015

Christopher Shannon
English|ENG3771|Spring 2015

Catalog Description: “An advanced composition course emphasizing writing used in business and industry. The course will focus on business letters, memos, minutes, process papers, and reports.” English 3771, A […]

ENG2575 E272 Technical Writing Fall 2019

Steve Rosenstein
ENG2575|Fall 2019

The course will focus on how students communicate technical and scientific information to a variety of audiences through written and oral presentations, using electronic media such as the Internet, Power Point and […]