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THE2280ID, History of Theatre (D273), SP2024

Christopher Swift, Anne Leonhardt
THE2280 ID|Spring 2024

A survey of the development of architectural and scenic styles in the physical structure of theatre from its beginnings in ancient Greece to its most current forms. Emphasis placed on the stylistic influences of […]

ENG 1121 D397 Spring 2023

Sarah Schmerler
1121|Spring 2023

In this course you will take skills you acquired in Eng 1101 to the next level. You will enter this class alone, and leave as a part of a vibrant and lively Writing Community. The work is rigorous, unusual, […]

Fall 2022 1101 Co ML

Gertzog 'sEnglish
ENG 1101ML - D 106|Fall 2022

This is a course in effective essay writing and basic research techniques including use of the library. Readings are assigned for classroom discussion and as a basis for essay writing. Simultaneously, we will […]

L 021W -45

L 021W -45

Gertzog 'sEnglish
021|Spring 2022

This course focuses on developing language, and academic writing and reading skills. Students will practice reading for comprehension as well as drafting, revising and summarizing skills. They will polish their […]