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Prof. Tewani, Ivana Radivojevic Jovanovic
CHEM 1110L

This laboratory course is a co-requisite for General Chemistry – 1110. One three hour laboratory meeting per week and a total of 15 meetings per semester.

EMT 1150 Electrical Circuits – Fall 2018

Computer Engine...|EMT1150|Fall 2018

Sections: D372-LEC & D376-LEC Introduction to the basic principles of direct and alternating current circuits. Topics include linear and nonlinear passive components, transient response and phase relationships. […]

MAT2680 Differential Equations, SP2020

Nadia Benakli
MAT2680|Spring 2020

An introduction to solving ordinary differential equations. Applications to various problems are discussed.

ENG2400, Films From Literature

ENG2400, Films From Literature

Mark Noonan
ENG2400|Spring 2020

This course will allow students to examine the relationship between film and their literary sources.

MAT2580 Linear Algebra, FA2019

MAT2580 Linear Algebra, FA2019

Nadia Benakli
MAT2580|Fall 2019

An introductory course in Linear Algebra. Topics include vectors, vector spaces, systems of linear equations, linear transformations, properties of matrices, determinants, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors.

EMT1111: Logic and Problem Solving | Fall 2018

Dr. Benito Mendoza
Computer Engine...|EMT1111|Fall 2018

This course introduces the foundations of problem-solving and computer programming as it is applied to computer engineering technology. It provides a basic understanding of programming techniques, logic, and […]

English Composition

Professor McDonnell
Humanities|ENG1101|Fall 2018

An introduction to college reading and writing and critical thought.