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An overview and introduction to social welfare and human services in the United States. The profession of human services, its knowledge base, values and skills. Major topics covered are historical background, human services practice, social services, special issues and populations.

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HUS 1101 Course Resource Lab

HUS 1101 Course Resource Lab

Changes in the human services continue to present the need for inter-professional collaboration. As such, strong written and technological skills are crucial for effective practice and to meet the complex needs of clients. As this is the introductory course to the major and one that develops the foundation skills students will utilized throughout the major’s curriculum, it is important for student success to front load their writing skills through a variety of pedagogical approaches that also include technological supports. As such, Human Services students require (a) Innovative curriculum and instruction that affords them these skills more effectively and to strengthen these skills early on in their course of study. (b) Faculty also need resources and support for implementing a variety of teaching practices and assessment measures to meet departmental goals. This includes developing high impact practices that engage students in writing intensive instruction. This site will , thus, serve as a resource exchange for instruction on writing skills for the human services, and lesson module or assignment that involves the use of the colleges open access platform. Objectives: -Strengthen student writing skills: Acquire and use tools needed for communication, inquiry, analysis, and productive work. -Improve student retention and completion rates. -Faculty training on delivering high impact practices to meet General Education outcomes and assessments, and self-study program outcomes. General Education SLOs: Skills: Acquire and use tools needed for communication, inquiry, analysis, and productive work Communication Inquiry and Analysis Values, Ethics and Relationships: Understand and apply values, ethics, and diverse perspectives in personal, professional, civic, and cultural/global domains. Professional/Personal Development Ethics/Values How will this be done? Additional Lecture on how to read peer-reviewed journals How to cite in APA style and Avoid Plagiarism WAC Fellow Support Redesign Term Paper to meet the following objectives: Understanding of the historical development of human services including its impact. Students will be able to analyze and interpret historical data for applications in advocacy and social change. Explore their personal values as they relate to the HUS Code of Ethics and Standards for Practice High Impact Educational Practices: Which of George Kuh’s High Impact Educational Practices will be incorporated into the course? (X)Common intellectual experiences (core curriculum) (X) Learning communities (X)Writing-intensive courses (X) Service- or community-based learning

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