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Hello there, my name is Jasmilex Sanchez Guzman. I am currently in the Business and Technology of Fashion major at the New York City College of Technology, where I will be obtaining my baccalaureate. Once baccalaureate degree is obtained, I will be pursuing my career in the fashion and business field as a merchandise buyer. I would like to share my e-Portfolio site, to. display some of the projects I have done while attending City Tech. Feedbacks and comments are welcome. Thank you.

Jasmilex Sanchez is a person who’s interested in the field of fashion and business. She wants to use her knowledge of what she has learned from marketing, to visual merchandising to applying those projects towards her fashion business. Jas wants to spread love and joy to others who have gone through a rough patch in their lives. Jas wants people to know that no matter how hard life gets, how complicated a situation is, one can overcome anything and everything. Jas wants to impact people lives with making them feel safe, loved and cared about.

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