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MAT2440 Discrete Structures and Algorithms I, FA2019

MAT2440 Discrete Structures and Algorithms I, FA2019

Johann Thiel
MAT2440|Fall 2019

This course introduces the foundations of discrete mathematics as they apply to computer science, focusing on providing a solid theoretical foundation for further work. Topics include functions, relations, sets, […]

ENG2002 Intro. to Lit: Drama, Spr2019

Prof. Suzanne Miller
ENG2002|Spring 2019

A course exploring the art and elements of drama Drama avatar credit: ””Ach Leiber! Raccoons!” by Sean McCann

English 1101: Composing Gender & Sexuality

Hilarie Ashton
English|Fall 2018

Feminist philosopher Judith Butler famously theorized over a quarter century ago that a person’s gender is an ongoing performance: ”there is no gender identity behind the expressions of gender; […] identity is […]