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ENG3402 Vampires, SP2014

ENG3402 Vampires, SP2014

This class explores the origins and characteristics of the vampire figure in literature and folklore in order to trace the evolution of the vampire in 20th and 21st century American literature, film, and television.

General Biology 1

General Biology 1

This course is an introduction to the scientific study of life, organization of life, evolutionary changes in living organisms and how life has evolved from simple to more complex, structure and organization of a cell, cellular metabolism, cellular reproduction, and the role of DNA in protein synthesis and heredity.

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New York:  Reflections on a City

New York: Reflections on a City

What borough and neighborhood of New York City do you live in, how would you describe it, and how is it changing? Have you lived here all your life, or did you come from far away? If you’ve lived elsewhere, would you like to describe that environment, and discuss how it differs from NYC (or how it’s similar)? What do you miss, either in the New York of the past or in the place that you came from? Click Discussion on the right, and tell the rest of us all about it!

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