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Radiologic Technology and Medical Imaging

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BIO1101 Lab

BIO1101 Lab

The BIO1101 laboratory course is an introduction to laboratory techniques and their application to the understanding of general biological concepts. It focuses on the fundamental principles of biology, including taxonomy, structure, reproduction, heredity, development and evolution. The concepts of molecular biology and DNA fingerprinting using representative plants and animals are introduced. The course also includes the use and care of the microscope. Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the BIO1101 lab, the students will be able to: 1.To learn to be observant and to develop and sharpen those observational and critical thinking skills through inquiry.. 2.To discipline yourself to develop good record-keeping skills, required to be successful in any career you plan to pursue. 3.To learn to think analytically about the observations you have made – to be able to: a.analyze a problem and focus on a hypothesis to be tested. b.determine the best way of testing the hypothesis, and using creativity to solve problems, including interpretation of data. 4.To communicate your findings about the processes studied and results obtained in ways appropriate to the biological sciences, both in written and oral formats. 5.To become familiar with the use of computers to gather, discuss and analyze data 6.To work on collaborative projects and also in teams.

ENG1101LC–YAAAS! A Course As Bold As You, Fall 2018

ENG1101LC–YAAAS! A Course As Bold As You, Fall 2018

We invite you to join us on a journey of discovering your dopest self through psychology and writing. In this course, you will learn how to examine, articulate, and shape your identity as a consumer and producer of knowledge by exercising psychological and rhetorical principles. You will develop a framework for understanding thoughts, feelings, actions, and communication as they are shaped by biological, social, and cultural forces. By the end of this learning community, you will understand how and why it is essential to connect, coexist, and learn from bold other selves who are different than you in our language-using, communication-based world. Oh, and you will learn to slay as you do it.

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