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COMD2320 HD03 25686 Introduction to Video

COMD2320 HD03 25686 Introduction to Video

This course is an introduction to the basic components and practices of pre-production, production and post production methodologies for content creation in commercial video and film. Students will learn the basics of all stages of production for content creation. The course will explore modes of communication such as commercials, public service announcements, fictive works, documentary and journalism. Students will analyze the fundamental principles of film and television communications with emphasis on examining the interaction of design and technology. Post-Production exercises with software such as Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects will be an integral part of the course. These assignments demonstrate proficiency in pre-production and production of content for film and video.

COMD Graphic Principles 1

COMD Graphic Principles 1

This hands-on mixed media course explores the basic principles of design and develops fluency in the visual lexicon. We explore two-dimensional design and color theory and graphic communication through the understanding of the elements and principles of design, as well as the design process, including idea development through final execution. We will develop fundamental skills in two-dimensional design, color and content creation while employing the design process of research, sketching and experimentation.

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