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ENG3401 OL 14, Law through Literature Fall 2020

Rebecca Mazumdar
ENG 3401|Fall 2020

An exploration of concepts of justice, higher law, customary law and written law expressed through works of fiction and non-fiction. The course seeks to enhance the student’s sensitivity to issues of ethics, […]


Patrick Corbett
ENG 1161|Spring 2020

A study of communication designed to increase understanding and control of language on both the individual and social levels. Class work includes reading and discussion of elements of semantics and […]

LAW1201 Legal Research I SP2020

LAW1201 Legal Research I SP2020

Kerin E. Coughlin
LAW 1201|Spring 2020

Three credits; prerequisites are LAW 1101 and ENG 1101; LAW 1103 is a pre- or corequisite. A working knowledge of the law library is presented, including practice in finding statutes, cases and administrative […]

Law1103 Civil Law & Procedure Spring 2020

Robert M Greenawalt
Law 1103|Spring 2020

This course addresses the theory and application of law and procedure in civil litigation with emphasis on New York State law. It focuses on the role of the paralegal in preparing for litigation, including an […]