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MECH3550 Simulation and Visualization OER

Prof. Swanson
MECH3550|Spring 2021

An Advanced Course related to Simulating, Visualizing, and Modeling using multiple different software.

MECH3500 Fall2018 Nakamura

Masato R. Nakamura, Eng.Sc.D.
Mechanical Engi...|MECH3500|Fall 2018

Matlab, numerical methonds. Please see the couse syllabus.

ENG 1101 D385 FA2015

ENG 1101 D385 FA2015

Rebecca Mazumdar
English|1101|Fall 2015

Written language forms the foundation of human society: it allows us to communicate with our neighbors and with societies across the globe. It enables the sharing of scientific discoveries and it affords us an […]