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This course focuses on literature, scholarly writing, and films that examine specifically the role(s) of girls and women, both nationally and internationally, and determines whether women themselves or others (external forces, individuals, or social systems) construct definitions of womanhood. The course utilizes texts, by both men and women, and addresses such themes as womanism, stereotypes, feminism, violence, politics, intimate/familial relationships, sex, sexuality, sexual orientation, and prescribed and evolving gender roles as they relate to girls and women.

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FYLC – Biology & Composition, FA2016

FYLC – Biology & Composition, FA2016

This Project site is part of a Learning Community that connects the science of Biology with the issues, problems, and promises created by that science. We will explore the connection between the science and the real world, talking about issues like how global warming affects flooding and droughts, as well as how researchers ask effective questions. This site is where students post their research-based projects on climate change and genetics.

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