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EMT 1150 Electrical Circuits – Fall 2018

Computer Engine...|EMT1150|Fall 2018

Sections: D372-LEC & D376-LEC Introduction to the basic principles of direct and alternating current circuits. Topics include linear and nonlinear passive components, transient response and phase relationships. […]

CET 4711 – Computer Controlled System Design

Farrukh Zia
Computer Engine...|CET 4711

Modern design principles and methodologies. Software tools for system design including computer-aided design and computer-aided engineering. Students carry out the conceptual design of a complete device or system […]

Mathematical Circuits (FYLC)

Farrukh Zia
Computer Engine...|MAT 1275, EMT 1150|Fall 2013

Ariane Masuda MAT 1275 College Algebra and Trigonometry Farrukh Zia EMT 1150 Electrical Circuits Do you know how many electrons it takes to charge a cell phone battery? What is the difference between […]