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THE2280 History of Theater ID Fall 2019

Christopher Swift, Ting Chin, Anne Leonhardt
THE2280 ID|Fall 2019

A survey of the development of architectural and scenic styles in the physical structure of theatre from its beginnings in ancient Greece to its most current forms. Emphasis placed on the stylistic influences of […]

ENT 4499 Culmination Project FA 2019 – SP 2020

Ryoya Terao
ENT 4499|Spring 2020

The senior thesis project, utilizing skills in an innovative way to develop a project that relates to the entertainment industry. Projects are developed through courses in the entertainment technology and/or […]

ENT1190 Video Technology, SP18 Berkoy

ENT1190 Video Technology, SP18 Berkoy

Entertainment T...|ENT 1190|Spring 2018

An introduction to the basic components and practices of pre-production and production methodologies for content creation in video production. Through lectures, reading assignments, screenings and practice, […]