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ENG 1121 Spring 2024

Jody R. Rosen
1121|Spring 2024

ENG 1121 is an advanced course in expository essay writing that includes a required library paper. This course further develops research and documentation skills (MLA style). Demanding literary and expository […]

COMD1162 Raster & Vector, Fall 2023

Maureen Neuringer
COMD 1162|Fall 2023

Basic concepts related to the two fundamental digital graphic forms (raster and vector graphics) and learning best uses and practices for each. This course covers basic digital imaging terminology and techniques […]

COMD 1340 D085 Fall 23 Wednesday

COMD 1340|Fall 23

This beginning photography course explores the foundational concepts of light and exposure. Using dSLR cameras, professional lighting equipment and software, the student develops compositional skills and the […]

ENG 1101 LC31 Fall 2018

Sarah Schmerler
English,Humanit...|1101|Fall 2018

We think differently about writing than most. We generate and edit, analyze and share; and our thoughts and feelings take shape on the page in the form of written words. Paragraphs get hewed and sculpted. Ideas […]

COMD 1100, fall 2018

Communication D...|COMD 1100|Fall 2018

This basic design and color theory course explores graphic communication through the understanding of the elements and principles of design, as well as the design process, including idea development through final […]

COMD1127 Type & Media, FA2018

M. Genevieve Hitchings
Communication D...|COMD1127|Fall 2018

”The Shape of Language” This is a foundation course in typography with emphasis on using type for a range of industry related applications from print to interactive. Students will be introduced to principles of […]