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SPE 1330: Effective Speaking

SPE 1330: Effective Speaking

SPE 1330 (Effective Speaking) is designed to achieve two broad aims. First, we seek to advance your knowledge of the public speaking process. We will accomplish this aim through a combination of written assignments that are designed to prepare you for public speaking situations. Second, the course is designed to strengthen your skills as a speaker. Your skills will be advanced through the active participation in a series of speaking assignments. Your skills and knowledge will grow as the semester unfolds. As a part of this process, you should begin to develop a positive attitude toward public speaking and your skills as a speaker. Following the completion of the course, we encourage you to build on your understanding of the public speaking process so that you can continue to develop as a speaker.

Composition II-ENG 1121-5441:  Reading, Revision, Rhetoric

Composition II-ENG 1121-5441: Reading, Revision, Rhetoric

English 1121 continues the work we began in English 1101. We will work on developing critical reading and writing skills as we write about works of literature. We will discuss four literary genres: non-fiction essays, the short story, the novel, and drama. Assignments will require students to write in different styles such as summary, citation, exposition, analysis, and research. In addition, we will utilize a new digital platform called OpenLab, which will help us to engage with each other’s writing and world outside of the classroom.

Telling Brooklyn Stories

Telling Brooklyn Stories

Prof. Justin Davis Prof. Jody R. Rosen * * * * * Brooklyn is a collection of neighborhoods and location, a microcosm of the world. This semester, in Telling Brooklyn Stories, we will explore Brooklyn through archives at the Brooklyn Historical Society, our own experiences walking through the City Tech vicinity, our speaking and listening, writing and reading, as well as through research and discussion on the new OpenLab digital platform.

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