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ENT1190 Intro to Video FALL14

ENT1190 Intro to Video FALL14

Carrie Dashow
Entertainment T...|ENT1190|Fall 2014

An introduction to the basic components and practices of preproduction and production methodologies for content creation in commercial video and film production. Through lectures, reading assignments, screenings […]

ENT4900/4901 Internship

ENT4900/4901 Internship

Miguel Valderrama
Entertainment T...|ENT4900-1

For ENT Majors: work experience at a professional scenery fabrication shop, rental/supply house, off- Broadway theater, or any related industry organization approved by the adviser. For Emerging Media Tech Majors, […]

Problem Solving with Computer Programming

Calli Higgins
Computer System...|CST1101|Spring 2013

Creating computer applications, instead of just using them, will give you a deeper understanding of the essential possibilities of computation. Through weekly problems, students will learn the fundamentals of […]

ENT3390 Sound for Multimedia, Spring 2016

ENT3390 Sound for Multimedia, Spring 2016

Entertainment T...|ENT3390|Spring 2016

ENT 3390 Sound of Multimedia, Spring 2016

ENT 4499 Culmination Project Spring 2016

John McCullough
Entertainment T...|ENT 4499|Spring 2016

This course serves as the senior thesis project. The student will utilize his/her skills in a new and innovative way to develop a project that relates to or has an impact on the entertainment industry. Projects […]