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Professor Belli: ENG 1101 / 5403 (Fall 2012)

Professor Belli: ENG 1101 / 5403 (Fall 2012)

Jill Belli
English|ENG 1101|Fall 2012

Professor Belli: ENG 1101 / 5403 (Fall 2012)

ENG 3403: One Major Writer Spring 2015

Dr. Williams
English|ENG3403|Spring 2015

The purpose of this course is to read, analyze, and discuss the life and works of James Baldwin. Throughout the semester we will read some of the most socially impacting literature ever written. We will examine […]

ENG3401: Law through Literature Spring 2015

Dr. Williams
English|ENG3401|Spring 2015

This course will allow us to thoroughly examine literature and films that focus on the often unbalanced scales of justice—especially as they relate to women and various ethnic groups. Together, we are going to e […]