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ENG1101-5363-Comp1, Fall2013-LComm

Professor Sean Scanlan
English|ENG1101|Fall 2013

This is a course in effective essay writing and basic research techniques, including the use of the library. College-level readings are assigned for classroom discussion and essay writing. In addition, we will […]

Physical Geography, Geog 1101, Fall 2017

Physical Geography, Geog 1101, Fall 2017

Laura Pangallozzi, PhD
Social Science|GEOG1101|Fall 2017

A survey of key elements of physical geography presented in the context of human activity and its relation to the physical world. Topics include world surface features, climate and weather, the seas, and natural resources.

ARCH 3610 Fall 2016

Jill Bouratoglou, Lia
Architectural T...|ARCH3610|Fall 2016

Profs. Lia Dikigorpoulou and Jill Bouratoglou M/W 12:00- 3:20pm V0811

ARCH 3510 Spring 2016

Jill Bouratoglou
Architectural T...|ARCH3510|Spring 2016

Professor Bouratoglou Spring 2016 Design V M/Th 8:30-11:25am

ARCH2480 Structures 1, Fall 2015

ARCH2480 Structures 1, Fall 2015

Professor Phillip Anzalone AIA
Architectural T...|ARCH2480|Fall 2015

Structures 1

ARCH 2330 – SPRING 2015 – King

Prof. Paul King
Architectural T...|ARCH2330|Spring 2015

Building Tech 3