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Tooth Morphology

Daniel Alter
Restorative Den...|RESD1110|Fall 2011

Hello All, You are currently embarked on an exciting world of Restorative Dentistry. Your knowledge, skills and creative abilities are able to change people’s lives. It all begins with tooth morphology, which i […]

RESD Complete Dentures I

RESD Complete Dentures I

Esther Cuya
Restorative Den...|RESD 1111|Fall 2012

Complete Denture I is an introduction to basic techniques of full denture construction. This course will include anatomical terminology as it relates to full denture construction, fabricating of custom impression […]

Restorative Dentistry CAD/CAM Continuing Education 1.2015

Daniel Alter
Restorative Den...

An introduction to the theory and practice of fabricating dental prosthetics digitally. Students are expected to have a general understanding of Microsoft Windows, importing/exporting files and PowerPoint. The […]

ENG090R 5200 F2011 Hirsch

English|090R|Fall 2011

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Nursing|NUR 1030|Fall 2011

NUR 1030