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HI i’m Cordell Lane i’m an uprising game designer. Game design and game or single-player in general has spark my interest since i was a kid playing a plumber jumping through pipes to save a princess. The character the level and story was simple but some how brought joy to a little boy. I have an interest into the development process of game design from the mindset a designer to the production and software you use.

My Courses

MTEC 1102-OL22, Production Practices, FA2020

MTEC 1102-OL22, Production Practices, FA2020

This course is a hands-on introduction to the best practices for production techniques used in games, interactive and tangible media product development. Students will acquire a deep understanding of content generation, technology pipeline and delivery systems for creating web, mobile, games, virtual & augmented reality, interactive installation and museum display, wearables and physical computing. Students will learn the roles and responsibilities, build the skills for each role, as well as apply the design and development processes for each medium. They will be introduced to design thinking and rapid prototyping techniques, as well the green light process essential to bringing a product to market. The structure of this course emphasizes an integrated and multi-modal approach to game design, interactive media and physical computing with modeled instruction and practice in the technical aspects of production.

MTEC2120 – Interactive Media System Design, Spring2022

MTEC2120 – Interactive Media System Design, Spring2022

A nontraditional approach to the articulation of design techniques with different types of interactive media and an introduction to the theories, models and frameworks for designing interaction with sound and screen. Students sketch and prototype systems for the management and delivery of future media through multimedia visual programming languages.

Game Design and Media Skills Lab

Game Design and Media Skills Lab

This 3 hour Lab consists of a series of workshops that offer supportive instruction and training in a verity of software programs, digital tools and platforms. Specifically, we will be s working with WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, Audacity, Audition and Unity. These workshops are introductions to the programs and tools for digital imaging, graphics, video, sound, and interactive design. The workshops are designed to foster a culture of collaboration and sustainable learning communities. Students will be expected to complete a series of guided assignments that cultivate digital skill sets as well as conceptual frameworks, which lend themselves to interactive storytelling and game studies. Active participation in class is required as well as timely completion of assignments. Students will be maintaining portfolio blogs in which they will post all assignments. Students are also required to reflect on each post and discuss in writing their ideas, and challenges in completing the assignment. This is a portfolio-based class and in order to complete the course successfully, students are required to have a completed online portfolio and to have actively participated in critiques.

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