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ARCH1121 History of World Architecture to 1900

ARCH1121 History of World Architecture to 1900

Brendan D. Moran
ARCH 1121|Fall 2023

This historical survey of architecture covers the period from early civilizations to the arrival of the Industrial Revolution. Architecture is understood as an expression of the culture and life of a society, and […]

MAT1275CO College Algebra and Trigonometry, Spring 2023

Victor Lee

Guided hands-on problem-solving and practice for students in MAT 1275. Topics include quadratic equations, the distance and midpoint formula, graphing parabolas and circles, systems of linear and quadratic […]

ARCH 1101, INTRO SP2023

Robert Christo
ARCH 1101|Spring 2023

The Introduction to Architecture provides a foundation for students entering the BArch / BTech program to develop a “visual literacy” of the built environment. Using New York City as a living laboratory, stu […]


Mark Noonan
1101-CO|Spring 2023

ENG 1101-C0 is a first-year writing course.