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ENG1121 Composition II (D433) FALL 2017

ENG1121 Composition II (D433) FALL 2017

Professor Choi
English|ENG 1121|Fall 2017

Through an exploration of various genres of literature, this course aims to strengthen and sharpen students’ critical reading and writing skills beyond the level achieved in English 1101.

COMD 1162

Communication D...|COMD|Fall 2018

Raster/Vector Graphics

COMD1100 Fall 2016

Larisa Daiga
Communication D...|COMD 1100|Fall 2016

This basic design and color theory course explores graphic communication through the understanding of the elements and principles of design, as well as the design process, including idea development through final […]

CDMG1111 D304 FALL 2016 Goetz

CDMG1111 D304 FALL 2016 Goetz

Communication D...|CDMG1111 |Fall

This course introduces students to core concepts in the media field including color theory, design and production terminology, reproduction processes, file formats and substrates. During the semester, students […]