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HIST 1103 Boyle

S. Boyle
His 1103

This course is a chronological and thematic introduction to the history of Western interactions with the wider world from the late 1800s to the present, emphasizing the following events: the rise of nationalism in […]


Sarah Schmerler
1101|Spring 2020

This class will make you a better communicator, period. Expect to get some amazing writing secrets, revealed. You will enter this class alone, and leave as a part of a vibrant and lively Writing Community. The […]

ENG2002OL60 Intro to Drama SU2020

ENG2002OL60 Intro to Drama SU2020

Aaron Barlow
ENG2002|Summer 2020

Analysis and critical understanding of selected plays is the heart of this course. As plays are meant to be watched, not read, you will be viewing them online—not an ideal situation, but this is not an ideal t […]

English 1121, OL41

Monroe Street
English 1121|Summer 2020

English 1121, OL41