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COMD Communication Design Internship Coordination Site


This site is designed to help you find fieldwork/study situations of approximately eight hours per week at an internship site approved by the Department Internship instructor such as an advertising agency, graphic […]

COMD3701 Design Studio, FA23

COMD3701 Design Studio, FA23

Jennifer Ramos
COMD 3701|Fall 2023

Independently, students engage in research, conceptualization, and the development of a comprehensive project spanning multiple media platforms. This project employs design thinking to tackle a modern-day concern.

COMD3711 Vector Art Editing, Fall 2023

Maureen Neuringer
COMD 3711|Fall 2023

Students will learn advanced techniques for design, illustration, and production on the computer using vector graphics. Students are exposed to professional tools using software such as Adobe Illustrator on the […]

COMD 4900 HD93 21928, FA2023

COMD 4900 HD93 21928, FA2023

COMD4900 |Fall 2023

Internship in Communication Design (Hybrid) Writing Intensive 2 cl hrs, 120 field hrs/semester (BFA degree) Assignment to fieldwork/study situations of approximately 12+ hours per week at an internship site […]

COMD11 12, HD05, Digital Media Foundations, Bauer, Fall 2021

COMD 1112|Fall 2021

This course introduces students to core concepts in the media field including color theory, design and production terminology, reproduction processes, file formats and substrates. Lectures will provide students […]


Jon Porcasi
COMD 3501|Spring 2023

In this course students will learn how to embark on the branding process for an invented company or institution from start to finish, culminating in a finished set of brand guidelines and extension project. Each […]

COMD3504-DO64 Fall 2022

COMD3504-DO64 Fall 2022

MB Kilkelly
COMD 3504|Fall 2022

Course Description This course will offer an in-depth introduction to communication design theory, examining theoretical perspectives of design practice within the larger discourse of design and visual culture. […]

COMD1340 OL98 Photography 1 Fall 2021

COMD1340 OL98 Photography 1 Fall 2021

Ken Pelka
COMD1340|Fall 2021

This is a beginning course that explores the technical and aesthetic concerns of photography. Through the fundamental concepts of light, exposure, and composition, students will develop the ability to control […]

COMD1127 Type and Media FA20 OL39

John De Santis
COMD 1127|Fall 20

Foundation course in typography with emphasis on using type for a multiple of industry related applications ranging from print to interactive. Students are introduced to principles of type design and terminology […]

Graphic Design Principles 1 (OL08)

Graphic Design Principles 1 (OL08)

COMD 1100|Fall 2020

This basic design and color theory course explores graphic communication through the understanding of the elements and principles of design, as well as the design process, including idea development through […]

COMD1123 Foundation Drawing, FA2020 Afternoon

COMD1123 Foundation Drawing, FA2020 Afternoon

Alice Zinnes
COMD1123|Fall 2020

An introductory course designed to explore the basic tools, techniques and principles of drawing. The course also covers projection systems, plans, elevations, sections, oblique, isometric, one point perspective […]