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Audrey Hall
Human Services|1203|Spring 2017

Human Service Seminar

General Biology 1

Andleeb Zameer
Biological Scie...|BIO 1101|Fall 2012

This course is an introduction to the scientific study of life, organization of life, evolutionary changes in living organisms and how life has evolved from simple to more complex, structure and organization of a […]

ENG2001 E221 Introduction to Literature – Fiction Fall 2018

Steve Rosenstein
English|ENG2001|Fall 2018

Introduction to Fiction is just that: an introduction to a literary genre that is massive in scope, and impossible to do justice to in one semester of study. So with that acknowledgement, this course will be […]

Community Organizing Shepard

Community Organizing Shepard

Health Services...|2307| open

Course description: Community organization theory and practice in human services, community assessment, change strategies, empowerment skills, and planning techniques in the profit, non-profit, and public sector […]