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BIO3620 Molecular & Cell Biology, FA2014

Prof. Seto
Biological Scie...|BIO3620|Fall 2014

All Things Molecular, Cellular and Biological

Microbiology (Bio 3302)

Microbiology (Bio 3302)

Prof. Marie Montes
Biological Scie...|3302|Fall 2012

This is a general microbiology laboratory course that focuses on the study of microorganisms from domains Bacteria, Archaea and Eukarya. The course will emphasize the study of microbe/host interaction as it […]

MAT1372 – Statistics – Spring 2016

Suman Ganguli
Mathematics|MAT1372|Spring 2016

An introductory course in statistics and probability. Topics covered include descriptive statistics, sample spaces and probabilities, discrete probability distributions (Binomial, Hypergeometric), expectation and […]

ENG 1121: English Composition 2

ENG 1121: English Composition 2

Jennifer Sears
English|1121|Fall 2014

This second level English composition course further develops skills for close reading, analysis, and articulating ideas into written expression.