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EMT 2390L – Operating Systems Laboratory

José M. Reyes Álamo
EMT 2390

EMT 2390L – Operating Systems Laboratory

Component and Subsystem Design II

Dr. Yu Wang
CET 4805|Spring 2020

Catalog description: Continuation of CET 4705. Further design of subsystems requiring solution by differential equations. Worst-case designs and component tolerances, development of control systems. A term […]

ENG1101 D371 English Composition I, SPR2015

Jason W. Ellis
English|ENG1101|Spring 2015

City Tech’s ENG 1101 course prepares you for the kinds of communication, research, and literacy that you will use throughout your academic and professional careers. Furthermore, it develops students’ und […]

CET 3510 MIcrocomputer System Technology

CET 3510 MIcrocomputer System Technology

Dr. Yu Wang
Computer Engine...|CET 3510|Spring 2018

An introduction to microcomputer architecture and the basic concepts used in the Intel Microprocessor Family. Key features of the PC are explored by writing programs in a high level language (such as C) to access […]