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Complete Dentures RESD 2311

Avis J. Smith
Restorative Den...|RESD 2311|Fall 2012

A study of the principles and procedures of constructing a maxillary immediate denture and a surgical template. Also fabricating a Hader Bar and clips for an overdenture mandibular denture completed.

Restorative Denitstry 2411

Avis J. Smith
Restorative Den...|RESD 2411|Spring 2019

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to demonstrate all practical procedures, terminology and techniques, previously […]

RESD 1111

RESD 1111

Avis J. Smith
Restorative Den...|RESD 2411|Fall 2012

This course covers applications of advanced level techniques, which include the fabrication processes used in flexible partial dentures, maxillofacial/anaplastology (ear, nose or facial replacement parts), and […]